Woman and couple get into a heated exchange in Delhi Metro, Video goes viral

A video has gone viral depicting a heated argument between a woman, a couple, and fellow passengers in Delhi Metro.

In a recent incident on the Delhi Metro, a video has gone viral depicting a heated argument involving a woman, a couple, and fellow passengers. The incident has sparked a conversation about the importance of maintaining decorum on public transportation.

The video shows a woman berating a young couple who were peacefully chatting. The altercation began when the boyfriend referred to his girlfriend as ‘Pagal’, which triggered the woman to loudly demand that the girlfriend complain about him.

The situation escalated as the woman grabbed the girlfriend’s shirt, leading the boyfriend to question, “Kisko bol pagala?” (Who are you calling mad?)

Despite the harassment, the couple chose to remain silent and continued to share a kiss, adding an unexpected twist to the situation. Eventually, the woman revealed that she was pregnant and needed a seat, bringing an end to the confrontation.

The incident gained public attention after an Instagram video surfaced, showcasing the woman’s aggressive behavior and the couple’s composed response. This verbal confrontation created discomfort for other passengers who were witness to the altercation.

Netizens have weighed in on the incident, with some praising the girlfriend for her supportive attitude. Others injected humor into the situation, suggesting that the woman might have been experiencing mood swings due to pregnancy.


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