WATCH: This mesmerizing video of baby elephant taking its first steps

A child’s birth is one of the most wonderful thing in the world. Whether the child is of a human or of an animal, it is always a mesmerising thing to watch those adorable beings open their eyes and see the world or take their first step. A video of something this amazing has surfaced online and is winning hearts on the Internet. Wondering what it is? Let us show you.

The now viral video, shows a baby elephant taking its first steps. It is not easy little buddy! And it shows, as the little jumbo tries to stand up on its own but stumbles and falls. However after a few tries it succeeds to walk two steps on its wobbly legs.

The calf even tries to swirl its tiny trunk in order to keep its balance.

Watch Video Here:

The clip shared on Twitter by the handle named ‘Buitengebieden’ has garnered more than 964k views so far. Netizens took to the comment section to express their obsession over the baby elephant. Some even mentioned that they want to cuddle the calf.

Take a look at some reaction:

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