WATCH: Monkey steals liquor from bike, tries to drink on dry day

A video going viral on social media which captures monkey trying to take a sip from a liquor bottle on Gandhi Jayanti.

A video going viral on social media has brought laughter to many as it captures the amusing antics of the monkey attempting to take a sip from a liquor bottle on Gandhi Jayanti, a dry day in India.

In the video, the mischievous monkey can be seen perched on a motorcycle near the office of the Police Commissioner in Kanpur. With remarkable skills, it opens a bag, retrieves a liquor bottle, and tries its best to unseal the bottle, all while keeping the audience entertained.

Among the parked police motorcycles, one bike had a secret stash—two bottles of liquor, including Royal Challenge and Royal Stag, tucked away in a bag. The area’s familiar monkey, known for its visits, saw an opportunity and decided to investigate. It managed to successfully liberate one of the bottles, adding a touch of humour to the scene.

However, the monkey’s escapade came to an abrupt end when a voice from a distance shouted, prompting the ape to hastily retreat from the scene.

Kanpur’s Joint Commissioner, Annad Prakash Tiwari, expressed his unawareness of the video but assured that an investigation would be launched to identify the owner of the bike that held the liquor bottles. He also mentioned that previous efforts had been made to manage the local monkey population, underscoring the unexpected surprises that urban wildlife can bring to our everyday lives.

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