WATCH: Little Girl With Prosthetic Leg Climbs Over Ditch, Video Goes Viral

The whole emotional tone of a stiff situation can be transformed through encouragement. One touching video of a young girl with a prosthetic leg trying to climb over a ditch will win your hearts.

The 58-second video shows the girl named Antonella making an effort to climb over the ditch and her mother gives her some words of encouragement, saying, “You know how to! You can do it.”

As Antonella continues to struggle to climb up, her mother tells her, “No, you are not going to fall. You are strong.”

The short clip was posted on 26th may 2021 to Twitter by GoodNews Correspondent and has gone viral with over 319.2k views so far.

Encouraging a person to provide people with the strength to look ahead, move forward, and reach for the next goal, Antonella proved true.

At first, Antonella was not quite sure if she would be able to do it but ultimately, she did. After successfully climbing over the ditch, she smiled at her mother, who was absolutely delighted.

Overall, this learning process prosthetic leg can take up to one year, especially if a person had an above-knee amputation. Building a persons confidence and staying healthy is key to the process of learning to walk with a prosthetic leg. On the internet, people are feeling emotional about this viral video.

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