WATCH: Internet’s going crazy after watching viral video of man dancing, Here’s why

The viral video shows a man dancing to a Bollywood song. However, it is not the dance but the costume that will grab your attention.

In today’s time, one comes across variety of people on the internet. People are always on the look for opportunities to gain attention online. Some people even go to heights, in the name of creating ‘unique content.’ One similar viral video has garnered significant attention online. Let us know.

This viral video that we are talking about, shows a man’s dance to a very well-known song of Bollywood. However, it is not the dance that is going to catch your attention at first; it is his costume. In a rather out of the world attempt, the man was seen dancing while wearing a cement sack.

The man can be seen performing the viral steps to the Bollywood song, ‘Bindiya Chamke Choodi Khanke.’ Originally voiced by Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam, the song is from the 2001 movie Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge. Worthy of appreciation, despite the unusual getup and funny steps, the man’s confidence does not seem to falter even for a second.

The video was originally shared on Instagram by video creator @abhaykumardance. Take a look at the video of the man dancing here:


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Since getting shared on November 1, the viral video of man dancing has gained over 1.5 million views on Instagram. It has also gained around 30k likes and numerous comments. A significant section of the netizens hurled the post with comments of criticism.

Comments on the video included, “UltraTech Cement sales after this,” “Bhai isi cement me mil ke kisi deewar me chipak ja,” “Bhai tere Ghar Wale tujhe belt se marte nahi kya,” among several others.

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