Watch: Hotel staff prank bride and grrom by dropping wedding cake; video viral

Wedding celebrations are incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony, especially in a white wedding. The newly-weds gets to make a wish for their happy and healthy marriage life by sharing the sweet with their guests. But what if the cake gets destroyed before even getting to the plates? A similar incident left the Internet cracking upon the incident as the hotel where the celebration was taking place turned gloomy for a moment but then brightened up knowing that it was a prank.

Recently, a video from a wedding went viral after the hotel staffs shocked the bride and groom by dropping off the multi-tier wedding cake, while bringing it to the venue. Fortunately it was a prank pulled by the staffs, and the cake that was sabotaged were just boxes decorated to look like the wedding cake. What makes the video more interesting is the shocking reaction of the newly-married and later their expression looked more relaxing when they saw the actual cake arriving. The clip ends on a celebratory note with the couple cutting the cake with bright smiles in their faces and dancing through the firecrackers.

The video was shared by an Instagram page named ‘she_saidyes’ with the caption “Oh Nooo!!🤯🤭 Thank God it was a prank!! Almost had us in tears.” “This sweet couple was so happy & dancing at the end,” the caption extends.

The amusing video has garnered more than 2.5 million views so far and hundreds of comments praising the couple for being such a sport for not getting mad but going along with it.

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