Watch: Clever puppy distracts little girl to steal her candy, see what happens next

An adorable video of a little girl playing with her pet puppy is going viral on the Internet for all right reasons, and it is too cute to miss.

Shared on Instagram page named Pubity, the video has garnered over 8.1 million views so far. In the short clip, a little girl can be seen playing with the puppy near the sidewalk. She was holding a lollipop in one hand and kept giggling while playing with the puppy. However, the little doggo was clever enough to distract her momentarily and steal the candy from her.

After realising that the puppy took her candy, the toddler bursts into tears while her furry friend can be seen wagging its tail out of joy.

The caption in the video reads, “The puppy marching off with the candy in the background.”


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Netizens are in absolute love with this video, look at some of the reactions:


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