Heartwarming! Giraffe dad meets his new born son for the first time in viral video: Watch

Becoming a parent is a bliss, whether humans or animals– everyone can relate with the emotions of seeing their new born for the first time. In the light of it, a heartwarming video of a daddy giraffe meeting his new born son for the first time has surfaced online. Although, it is an old video, it is now being viral and the Internet is loving it.

The clip shows a father giraffe entering an enclosure along with a middle aged giraffe. The new born and his mother were already present inside the stockade. As the video goes further, the Giraffe can be seen awestruck after meeting his baby, he then looks at the person who was holding the camera, probably the caretaker. Daddy giraffe looked surprise and overwhelmed at the same time. After taking a good look at his kid, the giraffe then goes ahead to give a kiss to the mother giraffe.

According to the caption of the original post, the father giraffe’s name is Michael and the little one was named Twiga.

So far, the video has received millions views and tons of comments after being shared on social media. Netizens couldn’t stop gushing over the adorable first meeting of the father-son duo. Some Twitter users also pointed out how fondly the father giraffe rubbed his muzzle on the mother giraffe.

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