WATCH: Child helps baby goat to stay warm in frosty weather, video goes viral

A child is helping a goat to stay warm in freezing weather posted by a user on Twitter has gone viral on social media

Winters can be very challenging for everyone but, when you have someone to care for your frozen limbs, cold days can be bearable. In light of it, a video of a little kid helping a baby goat in the freezing weather has surfaced online. The adorable clip is sure to make your day.

In the video, a child can be seen sitting on the ground with a little brown goat on his lap. The boy sits by the fire and assists the kid to stay warm. Exactly as he would do for his younger siblings, the toddler warms up his little hands by the fire and brings them to the goat’s feet to heat up as the animal is suffering in the cold weather.

The clip was shared on Twitter by a user @Gulzar_sahab on December 4 with the caption “Everyone feels cold.”

Watch the Video here:

The post has garnered more than 15k views and tons of comments so far. Impressed by how a small child is taking care of an animal, netizens flocked to the comment sections with their reactions.

One user wrote, ”GOOD BETA,” and another commented, “So beautiful”.

A third comment read, ”Mera beta bhi aisa hi karta hai. How Sweet.”

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