Viral video: Wedding Mandap turned into ‘Slap’ stage, Watch how

In a time where one can find the internet flooded with heart-warming wedding videos, this contradictory video has been doing rounds on the internet for some time now.

Well known comedian Sunil Grover took to his Instagram handle to share a video of a couple getting into a vigorous fight amid wedding ceremony.

In the video, the couple can be seen standing on a platform with the bride holding a piece of sweet in her hand. She tried feeding it to the groom which the latter did not pay heed to. Annoyed with his behaviour the bride smashed the entire sweet on his face.

In response, the groom instantly slapped the bride, leaving the guests in a state of shock. Retorting back, the bride returned the slap which subsequently turned into a massive fight right on the stage.

Grover captioned the video: “Gussa na kiya karo! Abhi toh life shuru hui hai. Vaise 36 ke 36 gunn milte hain inke,”.

The video has gathered over 3.8 million views within a span of few days. It has also assembled likes and comments in thousands, some being,“‘and they lived happily ever after’ gets a new meaning…”,  “Made for Tease other”,  “And kids that’s how i met your Mother”, among several other hilarious comments on the slap video.

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