Vehicle that goes in water and land: Watch viral video

Vehicle that goes in water and land is just an idea, but it is not possible in real life. So far it was the belief. However, after watching this small video clip you may not agree with this above notion. The video has gone viral.

In a couple of James Bond films we have seen vehicles rode by 007 that move both on the road and on the water as well. The vehicle is customized by the character Q in the series which has many super functions. Yet, those vehicles are imaginary. However, a video has surfaced lately where we can see that a vehicle that goes in water and land.

We can see in the clip that the vehicle travels on sand and then enters into a water body. It then smoothly moves on the water like a motor boat and then again reaches the shore and without any hassle runs on the land.

Posted by Instagram user mundo.sorprendente_ the post has so far garnered 1,216,647 likes after being shared to Instagram on January 11, 2023. And the video has earned a lot interesting comments. Here are a few of them.

A user said, “Best way to get away from cops,” while another admired the car commenting, “Woow amazing car.., how much the price this car? Anybody knows???”

“It’s not the jeep floats in water it’s the boat which will run in road also there is lot difference,” explained another user.

“I thought that only happens in GTA,” quipped a user.

And another Insta user revealed his idea writing, “Na my next car be this. With this I will have my desired apartment at ikorodu and be working on the island, cross the water with my car after closing hour.”

Yet another user commented, “Bro used Sea ways cheat code in real life,” while another comment reads, “seaways in real life.”

Watch the video here:

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