UK Woman marries herself, spends Rs 10 lakh on grand wedding celebrations

After two long decades of searching for the right life partner, a 42-year-old woman from the UK marries herself.

After two long decades of searching for the right life partner, a 42-year-old woman from the UK, Sarah Wilkinson, decided to tie the knot with none other than herself. Sarah, who hadn’t found the perfect match, hosted a grand wedding ceremony to celebrate her love for herself.

In a unique twist, Sarah even bought an engagement ring for herself and gathered her friends to join the festivities at Harvest House in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

At the heart of this celebration, Sarah made 14 heartfelt vows to herself, surrounded by 40 of her closest family and friends. She spared no expense, having saved nearly Rs 10 lakh over the years for this special occasion.

Sarah, who works as a credit controller, reflected on her extraordinary day, saying, “It was a lovely day for me to be the centre of attention.”

She made it clear that this wasn’t an official wedding, stating in an interview with BBC Radio Suffolk, “But I had my wedding day. I think you get to the point where you think, ‘I might not have this with a partner by my side, but why should I miss out? That money was reserved for my wedding; it was a case of it’s there, and why not use it for something I want to do?”

Dressed in a stunning traditional white gown adorned with sparkling sequins, the bride, Sarah Wilkinson, made a grand entrance at her wedding venue. To top off her cake, she opted for a unique figurine featuring a bride kissing a frog. To add a touching moment to her special day, Sarah walked down the aisle with her mother, marking the completion of her self-marriage ceremony.

Surprisingly, Sarah’s relatives were taken back by what she called “an outlandish idea.” They couldn’t help but smile all day, and everyone commented on what an amazing time they had.

Nearly everyone in attendance at the wedding couldn’t help but say, “That’s such a Sarah thing to do.” Sarah had contemplated buying herself a diamond ring during lockdown, and on September 30, she brought her vision to life.

The ceremony was attended by 40 of her closest friends and family members, and an additional 40 people joined the party at a tennis club across the street later in the evening.

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