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Twin sisters from Maharashtra agree to bizarre arrangement, Marry the same man

A bizzare incident of twins marrying same man in Maharashtra's Solapur has shaken the internet. A clip from the ceremony has gone viral.


In a rather astonishing arrangement, twin sisters married the same man in Maharashtra’s Solapur district. The twins, Rinky and Pinky, aged 36, got married to the same man, Atul, without any objection. The entire event was not planned in any secrecy. The names of the brides and the groom were mentioned prominently at the venue.

Both the girls are IT professionals. Reportedly, both the brides and the groom were living together since childhood. After the death of Rinky-Pinky’s father, Atul helped their family a lot. A case has been registered against the groom under section 494 of the Indian Penal Code, which holds one guilty of marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife.

A video clipping from the jaimala ceremony of the wedding has gone viral on the internet and has left netizens utterly shocked and confused. The video shows the brides attempting to put the garland around the groom’s neck, as is usually seen in Hindu marriages. The video also shows the crowd around them cheering and hooting for the three.

Take a look at the video here:

An investigation on the matter has been initiated by the local police. The family members refuse to say anything on the matter. There can also be seen no traces of objection or the decision being a forceful one.

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