Tiger picks up plastic bottle from waterhole, watch viral video

The video of a tiger picking up a discarded plastic bottle from a waterhole has gone viral. Reacting over this netizens have shown their concern against pollution due to use of plastic through their comments.

IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared the video of the tiger picking up a discarded plastic bottle from a waterhole on his X handle and captioned, “Why should the wild clean the garbage of the (un)civilised. Please stop carrying plastics & styrofoams into the wilderness.”

“I am informed that the tiger in the video picked the bottle and dropped it in front of gypsy of the videographer. Message was loud & clear to all of us,” he also wrote in the comment.

We can see in the video that the melancholic tiger picks up the discarded plastic bottle from the waterhole and walks away. As earlier mentioned later the wild animal dropped it in front of the gypsy of the videographer. It seems the tiger wanted to give a clear message to the humans against environmental pollution due to use of plastic that never gets decomposed.

After shared on February 14, the video has so far garnered more than 190k views. The post has also earned a number of comments where people mostly raised concern for pollution. Here are some of the comments.

“We are being very irresponsible.”

“This video is so full of pain. Speechless.”

“What is stopping you from enforcing the cleanliness laws strictly in the forests?”

“True Sir, Strict rules with penalty should be imposed!”

“Totally agree. Human beings should act responsibly and dispose garbage correctly and not throw all around. This is true not just for plastic bottles but any garbage including glass, metal or even cloth bags.”

“Some intellectuals and environmentalists blame only authorities and government for this nuisance. As a child is nurtured by both parents, similarly, it is the responsibility of authorities and citizens jointly to take care of our only liveable planet.”

“Excellent but our self no change.Change will come only when every body carry their water bottle(Steel) and carry bag (Cloth). Also from govt should ban the Plastic industry.”

Watch the video here:

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