Students wish teacher happy birthday with a cool prank in classroom, watch

A few students recently wished their dear teacher happy birthday in the class room. However, the wish was backed by a prank which was astonishing and sweet. The video of this unique birthday wish has gone viral.

User class12drams shared the video on Instagram 5 days ago and within these few days the video has earned a huge number of likes to the tune of 3,986,160.

We can see in the video that a group of boys are glued at a place inside the classroom while the others are roaming here and there. It seems the group of boys were fighting among themselves.

As the teacher enters the classroom he observes the boys assembled at a place and ran to them so that he can stop them from fighting.

Yet, as he goes on pulling students one after one from the group, all of them at once turn around and wish him happy birthday. One of the students, who was in the centre of the group also hands over a flower bouquet to his dear teacher.

The teacher who was not mentally prepared for this sudden twist of the situation initially could not understand what just happened. Then, he understands everything. He was convinced that the whole act was planned by his dear students to wish their dear teacher in a unique way.

Not only boys, also girl students were there and all of them wished their teacher happy birthday. In return, the teacher turned emotional with the unique way of the students and blessed them.

The caption of the post on Instagram reads as follows, “Dear Sujan sir, happiest birthday Sujan sir Thank you for always going out and beyond to give the best for us, thank you for being our friend, thank you for making us feel like a big chaotic family. we have learned so much from you, much more than the pages of any textbook could ever teach us. this prank might have gone a lil overboard, but your effort clearly shows how much you care for each of. Sending BOUQUETS of love and flower, Section D.”

The share has not only received a large number of likes but also a good number of comments where people have appreciated the unique way of the students to wish their teacher. Here are some of the most relevant comments.

“Sujan Sir has won life”.

“Backbenchers And their Relations With Teachers.”

“dropping handkerchief for everyone who’s teary eyed in the comment section”

“The thing these kids will remember when they go on to win in their lives is that there was a great teacher who cared about them as humans ! It’s never the class or subject- it is always the teacher”

“I’m not crying”

“Aisa birthday toh sab teacher deserve karte hai”

“Such a rare sight! The purity of a good teacher and obedient students is the best which is missing from most schools these days. Glad to see there are teachers like Sujan Sir!”

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