Snake playing dead video goes viral, watch

The snake acts like it got killed by a finger gun hand gesture

Snake playing dead video has gone viral on social media. It has been seen in a recent video that a snake plays like it is dead. While it is said that snakes are blind it seems strange to observe a snake playing dead.

User world_of_snakes posted the video to Instagram on September 15 and within such a short period the clip has earned 15,017 likes so far.

A hand gesture is seen in the video where the gesture is all about shooting down. And astonishingly the snake acts like it got killed by the gun shot. The video is funny. There are animals like dog, cat  who are seen taking action as per the order of humans. However, it is very rare that a snake behaves like it understands what the gesture of a hand is conveying. We don’t know if there is any trick behind the whole shooting, but what we can prima facie watch in the video, it seems strange, cute as well as funny to see that a reptile plays dead after observing a hand gesture.

Within no time the video went viral while it also garnered a number of interesting comments.

“Wants belly rub,” commented a user.

“you should see a hognose snake how she play dead..its so funny,” another user suggested in the comment box.

“It’s not poisonous just just pick him iPad and throw outside,” a user commented.

“Le snake :- dont look at me “I am dead,” wrote another user.

Watch the video here:


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