See: Swiggy Instamart’s creative Resignation letter

The creative resignation letter was written using the names of different products available on Swiggy Instamart.

Nobody likes to put up with a toxic working culture; Many a times people feel like quitting their jobs. But deciding to leave a job might be a dreadful task for many. And writing a resignation letter ? Even more tiring.

To help people with that, Swiggy brought up an idea on how to write the perfect resignation letter.

The letter shows a very creative approach of writing a resignation. The letter was written using the names of products available on Swiggy Instamart. The resignation letter was so creative that it left the internet in splits. For example, one line in the letter said, ‘If UNO, UNO.’ The letter deserves an absolute five star rating for its content.

If this was Swiggy’s attempt at acing in Digital Marketing, then the company has indeed nailed it.

The post was shared with a caption that read, “how to quit your job using Instamart.” Take a look at the Swiggy Instamart’s creative resignation letter here:

The creative resignation letter by Swiggy Instamart went viral on the internet in no time. Since being shared on July 24, the post has already garnered over 92k views. The post has also got a lot of comments. While one comment read, “Last line was best. If uno uno. XD,” another read, “This company just rated themselves out of 10.

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