Restaurant In Kolkata Sells ‘World’s Biggest’ Chicken Egg Roll For Rs 349

Do you have a likenesses for chicken roll? If yes, then you must be familiar with its length. A regular chicken roll will vary between 8 to 10 inches. However, an eatery in Kolkata ‘Chef Alladin’ is selling the world’s biggest chicken egg roll for Rs 349.

The roll prepared by the eatery is about 23 to 26 inches in length. The roll is stuffed with a spicy feast of chicken, fried tortilla, cabbage, toppings of onion, luscious mayonnaise, spicy red sauce and egg. It is also filled with mixed veggies, paneer tikka kebab, mutton kebab, chicken kebab and grated cheese.

A picture of the monstrous chicken egg roll was shared on Instagram by a page called ‘India Eat Mania’ which has now gone viral. If you are in Kolkata and want to take a bite of this monstrous roll you can visit ‘Chef Alladin’. It remains open for customers throughout the week and is located at Bus Stand, 45, Garia Station Road, Chhoto Bot Tala, A/B, Garia in Kolkata.

The user has uploaded a video on how the roll is prepared and the video has gone viral with 377,966 views and 19,182 likes.



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