Recipe of tea made on coconut shell leaves Internet impressed

A video featuring recipe of tea made on coconut shell has left the Internet impressed and many wants to try it.

Indians love their tea, it is as if a part of them. While some cannot consider beginning their day without a cup of tea, many love it so much that they don’t back out from drinking six to eight cups a day. The classic milk tea is everyone’s favorite, but over time several takes have been taken in bringing a twist to the golden liquid. Tandoori chai, Masala chai, and Kulhad Chai are just a few of the innovations done around the dish to give it a healthier twist. Now, yet another way of making the hot beverage has surfaced and it is no new technique but in fact, is an old one from ancient Indian traditions.

A woman showing the recipe of tea made on coconut shell has captured the attention of netizens. The now-viral clip of the fresh coconut tea recipe brings you one step closer to nature.

“Tea in coconut shell” reads the caption of the post. Watch the Video Here:


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The idea is also a clever alternative for making tea when a person is out of teapots. However, the technique is a little questionable as it is unsure how long can the coconut shell hold the heat.

Tea lovers flocked to the comment section to express praises for the woman’s innovative method of making their favourite drink.

The video racked above 873k likes and tons of comments. One person wrote, “Wow amazing” and another user questioned, “What if the coconut catches fire?”

A third user joked, “Mummy maregi” and a fourth comment read, “Can we make Maggi also like this ?”

Meanwhile, some people were really interested in trying the recipe and wrote comments like, “As a tea person I wanna try it” and “this looks worth trying.”

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