MA English Degree holder quits job at British Council to run tea stall in Delhi

Sharmistha Ghosh, who holds a Master's degree in English literature, has dropped out of her job at the British Council to run a tea stall.

It is not new for people to quit their jobs and opt for startups. Earlier, many stories of and MBA graduates leaving their well-settled jobs to open tea and snack stalls have surfaced online. Now, Sharmistha Ghosh, who holds a Master’s degree in English literature, has dropped out of her job at the British Council and become an inspiration to the young generation into following their dream.

Sharmistha quit her job at the British Council and opened a tea stall in Delhi Cantt’s Gopinath Bazar. Her story was shared on LinkedIn by retired Brigadier Indian Army Sanjay Khanna.

According to the post, Sharmistha has a vision and she dreams to make it as big as Chaayos- the famous tea set up which is located all over.

“She mentioned her name to be Sharmistha Ghosh, a post-graduate in English literature and has worked in British Council Library too until she quit to pursue her dream” Sanjay added to the caption while posting a picture of Sharmistha.

The post further reads, “A friend of hers, Bhavna Rao working with Lufthansa is also a joint partner in operating this small Chai stall. Further, as of now, she’s providing extra wages to her house help as she has employed her at the chai stall. They come together in the evening and operate from the small temporary kind of structure and go back. ”

“One must have the passion & integrity to work towards their dream to make it come true. I have come across many highly qualified youth who are in despair and are on the lookout for an appropriate job commensurate with professional stature. This message goes out to them. I strongly feel that one must not keep thinking of high qualifications and a high-end job deserved but think of small ways and means to achieve & flourish in the longer run,” Sanjay said.

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