Pune girl dances to welcome corona recovered sister, video goes viral: Watch

A young girl dancing joyfully to the tune of a popular Bollywood number has gone viral on internet. As per reports the overjoyed Pune youngster danced to welcome her sister who was returning home from hospital after getting recovered from Coronavirus.

As per reports, 23-year-old Saloni Satpute from Dhankawadi area of Pune was the only member in the family who had been negative for Coronavirus. Apart from her, all his family members including her mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and sister had been tested positive for COVID 19.

Accordingly, she was the only one who was left at home during the period when all her family members were at the COVID facility for treatment.

She was anxiously waiting for the family members. Earlier her father and mother had returned. On Monday as her sister returned she could not restrict her and danced to her heart on the road. Later as the video of the two sisters dancing joyfully uploaded to video, it went viral.

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