Pet dog refuses to let bride go during Bidai ceremony: Watch emotional viral video

A video has recently gone viral where it has been seen that a pet dog refuses to let bride go during Bidai ceremony. We can clearly see in the video that a bride is spending some emotional moment with her pet dog during her Bidai moment. Posted by Instagram user i_love_yau_1430 on January 6, 2023 the video has gone viral. It has so far garnered 33,215 likes apart from a number of interesting comments.

People who are either dog lovers or have pet dogs probably can feel the emotion of the bride better. We can see in the video that a dog is being petted by a bride who seems to be parting with the adorable animal as she has got married. From the emotion that can be seen in the face of the bride, it seems that the dog is her favourite.

As the dog refuses to let bride go that we can see in the clip, the said post earned a number of comments. And like the emotional video, the comments are also emotional. A user wrote, “Yar ye bhi ghar k hi member ho jate hai inhe bhi sb mehsoos hota hai.” (Pet dogs become like family members and they can feel everything). Another user wrote, “Mujhe doggy ko deakh kr rona aa gya, mai apne duggu ko nahi chodugi saath le jaugi.” (Tears came to my eyes after watching the dog, I will not leave my duggu (name of her pet dog), will take it with me).

Yet another user commented, “Ensan Jab Kisi Se Dil lagata Hai To bahut Tadapta hai Chahe vah Insan Ho Chahe Janwar chhodana Mushkil ho jata hai.” (Human being gets emotionally tortured if falls in love, even if it is a human or an animal, It becomes difficult to leave them).

And another user wrote, “Bilkul samjhdar hote h.” (they can understand). Yet another user comments, “kitna pyaar krta h apko.” (The dog loves you so much).

Another best comment for the post says, “Man’s best friend….You can reverse the word DOG to find GOD in them..” And last but not least another user comments, “Insaano se kahi acche jaanwar hote hai.” (Animals are better than humans).

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