Indian Railway explains why passengers have to pay Rs. 70 for a cup of tea during train journey

People often like to enjoy a good meal during a long journey. However, these refreshments could become a burden on their pockets. To save people from this issue, Indian Railway made sure that its passengers are well fed without having to suffer a financial crisis. Or at least that’s what we all thought! Where people were under the impression that the price of food and beverages on the Indian Railway has been subsidized, a passenger recently, shared that he had to pay Rs. 70 for a cup of tea during the train journey.

A few days ago, a passenger was left stunned when he had to pay Rs. 70 for a cup of tea worth Rs. 20 during his train journey.

On June 28, the passenger was on the Bhopal Shatabdi train running from Delhi and Bhopal. During his journey, he bought a cup of tea from the railway authority. However, he has to pay a service tax of Rs. 50 for the cup of tea that merely costs RS. 20. Upset by this, the man later took to his Twitter handle to share the bill for that tea. His post has now gone viral on the Internet.

While sharing the post, he wrote, “GST of Rs 50 on tea worth Rs 20. Altogether, a tea is worth Rs 70. Isn’t it an amazing loot?”

Image credit- IndiaToday

As per the passenger, he made a series of complaints to IRCTC, who provides catering service on the railways. However, the complaints were not responded to. Some users took to the comments section below his post and pointed out that he has not been charged GST, but only a service charge has been levied. Others said that the service charge of Rs 50 for a cup of tea is too much.

According to the Indian Railway, no extra money was charged from the customer. A circular was issued back in 2018 by Indian Railways which specifies that, if a passenger does not book a meal along with their reservation in trains like Rajdhani or Shatabdi, then a service charge of Rs 50 has to be paid for ordering tea, coffee, or food during the journey.

Image credit- IndiaToday

Earlier, food service was made mandatory on trains like Rajdhani or Shatabdi, but later it was made optional. Therefore, the association implied a service tax of Rs. 50 for people who do not book meals during their reservation on every meal or refreshment the person orders during their journey.

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