Must-Watch! Bride Laughs Hysterically On Stage, Video Goes Viral

A video of a bride laughing hysterically on stage after watching her groom smacking the cameraman during the wedding photoshoot has gone viral on social media.

The video was shared ed on Twitter by one Renuka Mohan last week, who wrote: “I just love this bride.”

The 45-second clip shows the bride and groom standing on a stage clad in wedding attire and posing for photos while the cameraman was taking photos from different angles. But then the scene takes a different turn when the photographer starts to touch the bride’s face in order to adjust the angle.

The action of the cameraman upsets the groom and he smacks the photographer in anger and asks him to get off the stage. The cameraman, however, remains calm in face of the angry groom but the bride who remained silent till now starts to laugh hysterically and was even seen rolling on the ground laughing while her groom walked off the stage.

The video has left the netizens in splits as it has been viewed almost a million times and 68.3k likes and nearly 17,752 ‘retweets’.

Here is the video:

Later, Mohan clarified that she did not know whether the video is real or whether the bride played a prank on her groom. She wrote, “When I saw this video for the first time, I just laughed loud and still laughing.. I never thought of finding any logic behind this shot and really never cared whether is it a prank or for real !! Everything don’t need a research.. Sometimes, you can just laugh !!.”

The bride is actually an actress named Anikriti Chowhan. She revealed that the clip is actually part of a film shoot called ‘Darling Pyaar Jhukta Nahi’ and also thanked Ms Mohan for sharing it and helping it go viral.

She responded to the video and replied in the comment section that “Ye meri movie shoot ke time ki video hai !! Thank u for sharing.”

Chowhan also said that she got many congratulatory messages her marriage after the video has gone viral and she had to clarify that she did not actually get married and that the whole video was part of the shoot.

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