Meet first woman ticket inspector who collected Rs 1 crore fine from passengers

Rosaline Arokia Mary Chief Ticket Inspector becomes the first woman who collect fines of Rs 1.03 crore from passengers in the Indian Railways

Meet the first woman ticket inspector who has collected a fine of more than Rs 1 crore from railway passengers without tickets and traveling irregularly.

Rosaline Arokia Mary is working as Chief Ticket Inspector in Southern Railway.

The Ministry of Railways took to Twitter to share the news and laud her for her commitment to her duties.

“Showing resolute commitment to her duties, Smt.Rosaline Arokia Mary, CTI (Chief Ticket Inspector) of @GMSRailway, becomes the first woman on the ticket-checking staff of Indian Railways to collect fines of Rs. 1.03 crore from irregular/non-ticketed travellers,” reads the caption of the post.

The Railway Ministry also shared photographs of Mary collecting fines from passengers. Mary is seen collecting fines, and examining tickets from passengers on platforms and aboard trains.

The post has caught attention and have been appreciated from all the corners. A user wrote, “We need more such challenging and dedicated women to make our Bharath a superpower. Congratulations Rosaline . Keep the tempo rising.”

Another user commented, “Rosaline, I am proud to be your friend. Knowing you I am not surprised with your achievement. Shows your dedication, commitment and sincerity to your duties.”

A third user wrote, “Congratulations, Ma’am! A job well done!”

Southern Railway said in a press release that three ticket-checking staff created history by collecting more than Rs 1 crore as a penalty during the financial year April 2022 to March 2023.

S Nanda Kumar, deputy chief ticket inspector of the Chennai division, recovered Rs 1.55 crore as penalty, and Senior Ticket Examiner Sakthivel collected Rs 1.10 crore as fine.

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