Man sitting in box full of massive pythons gives internet chills, Watch viral video

Dreaming about snakes can give a person chills. How would you feel if you are sitting in a box full of huge snakes and creepy crawlies? Thinking about it is giving you goose-bumps right? Meanwhile, a video of a man sitting in a box full of massive pythons is going viral over the internet leaving netizens in shock.

As per reports, the man sitting in the boxful of huge snakes is zookeeper Jay Brewer. He is renowned for his fearless interactions with reptiles. The video of him sitting with the creepy crawlies has been shared on social media platform Instagram by him only at his official handle @jayprehistoricpets.

The post has been accompanied with a caption that read, “It’s Super Sunday funday. Thought I would bring out my biggest snakes for y’all on this amazing day Raised all these snakes from little babies and now look at them geez Let’s close out this weekend strong and make sure we are ready to have a good week Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy those moments with friends and family.”

The video has garnered nearly a million views and over 45 thousand Instagram users have liked the viral clip. The video has also received a lot of comments. Reacting to the post, one user wrote, “How come these snakes don’t strangle you in there? What’s your secret to staying alive in there.” Meanwhile, another person said, “How do you do this without getting bitten?”

Adding to the comment section, a third user wrote, “This is unbelievable.” Another person wrote, “They are beautiful. What if one starts to give you the squeeze, what would you do?” A fifth person added, “Those are so cool what was the longest in the bunch.” To this comment, @jayprehistoricpets replied, “about 24 feet.” Meanwhile, a sixth person wrote, “OK…IM NOT A SNAKE PERSON AT ALL!!! BUT…what us that white one with spots…beautiful.”


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