Lizard saves friend from snake, watch friendship video that has gone viral

“I wish we all have a friend like this lizard,” an X user commented while it is unknown whether the rescuer could save itself or sacrificed its life for the friend

A lizard was seen saving its friend from a dangerous snake in a recent video. The snake is seen catching a lizard but another lizard dares to fight the reptile and saves its friend. The video has gone viral after being shared on X platform.

X user ‘Nature is Amazing’ shared the video on October 31 in this social media platform and captioned it, “This lizard went on a rescue mission to save his friend.” And within these couple of days it has already garnered 13.3 million views.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The video is all about friendship. In the clip we see that while a lizard has been kept hostage by a dangerous snake, a friend of the victim appears on the scene and tries to rescue the trapped lizard. The snake goes on biting him and after the first attack the lizard becomes a little bit nervous, but soon revives and again launches attack on the snake. Finally, the true friend manages to free his friend from the grip of the snake or in other words, from the grip of death.

It is unknown what happened to the rescuer at the end because the video stops abruptly before showing the consequence as the attacker snake and the rescuers lizard fall from the wall, where they were fighting.

Along with a huge number of views the post also earned a number of interesting comments. Many users enquired about whether the rescuer was finally alive or it sacrificed its life for the sack of its friend. “Did the rescuer survive?” asked a friend.

Another user commented, “True friendship! Brave lizard didn’t gave up even after many attacks and succeeded at last to save the friend and put own life at risk! Isn’t there further video available so as that we know what happens at the end as in last Lazard went down also?”

“I wish we all have a friend like this lizard,” yet another X user wished.

Watch the video here:

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