Langur participates in man’s last rites, family shocked

Karnataka: Family members of a septuagenarian, who died due to age-related health problems in Karnataka’s Bellary district last month, were taken aback when a langur joined them in “mourning” the deceased.

As per a viral video, the langur arrived fearlessly at the spot where Vishwanath Raju’s body was kept, on June 30, and placed its head on the body after lifting the shroud. The animal then left after a few minutes, leaving everyone bewildered.

On July 10, when the final rites of Raju were being conducted at Kampli on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, the langur came again and sat on the lap of the priest who was conducting rituals. It left after the rituals.

The family clarified that Raju had no special connection with the langur when he was alive, and were themselves surprised with the animal’s actions.

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