Internet Stunned as video of 15-foot Python go viral

The viral video of a very well-known snake species, a python, is shared with you today. And we can guarantee you that the python is not your typical member of the snake family.

The internet is booming with this video. People are surprised to see such long and huge snake because it is unusual to witness such occurrences.

Most of you would respond “No” if we asked if you had ever seen a 15-feet python. But now, you can watch them for yourself now.

The huge python emerged in Vidisha’s Gulabganj region. A python measuring 15 feet long was reportedly spotted in Surendra Singh Dangi’s garden in Kheria village.

The snake rescue members received information from the locals. The rescue squad including the employees of forest department arrived at the scene and freed the snake into the wilderness.

Watch the video:

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