Happy Father’s Day: Man stands in rain holding umbrella for daughter as she attends online class

As the whole world celebrates Happy Father’s Day, a man has shown what a father’s unconditional love is. A man from Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district is winning hearts on social media for his unconditional love for his daughter.

To help his daughter attend online class, the man stood in the rain and held an umbrella for her while he himself gets wet in the rain. A picture of his adorable act has now gone viral on social media and is winning praises.

Social media users cannot stop gushing over the man’s love for his daughter. In the picture, we can see a girl attending her online class amid heavy rains. To protect her from getting wet, the man holds an umbrella for her.

Due to network issues at their home, the young girl is seen sitting on the footpath by the road. Sources said, the girl belongs to Balakka village in Sullia Taluk in the Dakshina district where there is a lot of network issues.

So, the students have to go to roadside and mountains to get proper internet speed. So, the girl had to attend her class even as it was raining heavily outside. To help her study properly, her father stood in the rain getting wet, holding an umbrella for her.

The picture also highlights the hardships of rural students who have to go to mountains and roadsides to attend online classes.  Thousands of students of Class X and Class XII all around India also go through similar situations due to network issues in rural areas.

While the pandemic seems to be worsening each passing day, this plight of students needs to be addressed by the government immediately.


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