Dog jumps from 5th floor, walks away unhurt, watch viral video

The post has already earned more than 26.9Million views.

In a recent video it was seen that a stray dog jumped from the 5th floor of a under construction building and walks away normally after landing on the ground unhurt. The said video has gone viral after being uploaded to social media.

User Crazy Clips took to Twitter and posted the ‘dog jump’ video on October 19 and within these two days the post has already earned more than 26.9Million views. The caption of the share on X platform (formerly Twitter) reads, “Dog continues walking normally after jumping from 5th floor.”

We can see in the video that the dog first looks down from the fifth floor of the under construction building. Later, it takes a leap and jumps from there. As it lands on the ground it rolls on the ground and then balances itself. The next moment the dog is seen walking away from the scene very much normally.

Watch the video here:

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