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Dog buying vegetables video goes viral on social media: Watch here

Shopping is the favourite pastime of shoppers but not of dogs. Yet, this has been proved wrong recently because in a video now it has been seen that a dog has successfully shopping vegetable. The dog goes to a vegetable vendor, choses vegetables as per its choice, shops those and pays money and leaves the place with the basket of vegetable. The video has gone viral.

The amazing video was shared by Retrieverarmys to Instagram on Dec 10, 2022 and so far it has earned a huge 172821 likes. Besides, the cute video has earned a number of comments.

We can see in the video that the dog is approaching to the lady vegetable vendor on the roadside. It is then lifting it’s paw and putting it on the vegetables that it wants. As per the order of the dog, the vegetable seller is putting vegetables in its basket and taking away the amount of money that the bought vegetable costs. Finally, it leaves the place with the basket of vegetables. No doubt it is an amazing video that has earned a number of comments.

A user commented, “Can you train my daughter?” while another praises it writing, “Heartwarming!!! Lovely!!”. Another user wrote, “ love how gentle the dog is and how patient the lady seller is … beautiful video.” Other users praised the dog and the video commenting, “This is amazing! Love it,” “Smart doggy great shopping,”, “I wonder who owns that dog?” and “I wonder who owns that dog?,” and “the dog is very smart .”

And another user commented, “As much cute as it looks, it’s so unsanitary! Thank goodness I don’t have to buy that food stepped on by a dog’s paws.”

Watch the video here:

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