Doctor Gets Scolded By Wife On Live TV For Taking COVID Vaccine Alone, Hilarious Conversation Goes Viral

A video of a hilarious conversation between a senior doctor and his wife over COVID-19 vaccination has gone viral on the social media. In the video, the doctor had to face an angry wife for getting the Corona vaccination alone.

In the video, the doctor was on live and giving pointers over covid-19 vaccination when he received the call from his wife. His wife asks him if has received covid-19 vaccine and the doctor replies that yes he ha taken the vaccine then she was heard asking why did not you take me with you?.

As the doctor tries to explain that he was gone there to inquire about the covid vaccination programme and they asked me to get it done, so I did it.( Main pata karne gaya tha aap logon ka, vo keh rahe the ‘khaali hai, lagwa lo’, toh maine lagwa li)

In reply to this his wife starts to berate him and says “you are very weird” and why can’t you take me with you? .(?Bahut hi ajib ho tum, mereko sath nahi le sakte the?)

While sitting in a car, the doctor tries to explain that they can get the Covid-19 vaccine shot on Monday.

However, his wife did not listen to his explanation was heard repeatedly saying, Why couldn’t you take me with you? and Don’t lie to me.

Then the doctor tries to say that he is live on camera on the moment and will talk later at home. In response to this his wife was heard saying, I’ll go live right now and give you good. (Main abhi live aa ke tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hun)

A video of their conversation is now going viral on Twitter.

The doctor was identified Dr K K Aggarwal, a cardiologist in New Delhi and a recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri Award.

The video of their conversation was shared by a Twitter user named Tarun Shukla. Tarun captioned the video as “Doctor KK Agarwal got himself vaccinated without his wife. Note to self : don’t ever pick-up phone while you are live on tv.”

Here is the video:

People loved the couple’s funny conversation and shared the video widely.

The video has been viewed more than 789k times and liked 23.3k times till now.

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  1. Jena says

    Wonderful and useful information. It is very useful for everyone in this situation, who are worried to put vaccination. Hope everything goes fine. Stay safe in home.

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