3-year-old girl tries to hug ostrich, watch what happens next

While many like visiting the zoo, some are rebellious enough to go deep into the jungle. To make this experience easier and safer, safari rides are offered by many zoos and sanctuaries. Over time the safety of people has only increased in such a way that even children can take visit the jungle and get fascinated by the wild. In light of it, a 3-year-old who went on her first safari ride was welcomed by an ostrich. Instead of being scared of the big bird, she started feeding it with her hand and even tried to hug it. However, what happens next has amazed the Internet and we are sure it will leave you shocked as well.

Shared on Twitter by Now This News, the video features a little girl who can be seen hugging the ostrich while trying to feed it. But, unfortunately, the ostrich seemed more interested in the food than being touched. Hence, the bird tried to wriggle out from the girl’s embrace.

The caption in the post read, “3-year-old Emma got up close with an ostrich at the Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo, TN. ‘We are all scared of the ostriches, but not her,’ said Emma’s mom Tabatha Lynn Collins, via Storyful. ‘She kept saying she wanted to hug the big bird, and she did. We were all stunned.”

Watch Video Here:

Reportedly, the video is from Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo, Tennessee. Although the video might raise the concern about safety, as per the safari park’s website, the resident ostriches and emus are not aggressive. “The birds are simply looking for a feed from the visitors in the white cups,” says the park’s staff. However, “any animal with a mouth can bite you!” the staff warns further.

Netizens flocked to the comment section to fill it with different reactions. While some criticized the parent for laughing instead of teaching the girl to respect animals, some were intrigued by the toddler’s hairstyle.

One person wrote, “Yeah that’s a Tennessee haircut fo sho” and another comment read, “That’s so irresponsible. And they’re laughing.”

Take a look at some other reactions:

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