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Man Comes Face-To-Face With 2 Killer Whales Then This Happens; Watch Viral Video


Sea creatures have always been mysterious and brought many surprises to humans. There were many incidents where humans came face-to-face with these mysterious sea creatures. Today, we will talk about such an incident, where a man was greeted by two killer whales in a sea while he was swimming.

Instead of swallowing him, the two huge mammals can be seen swimming next to him in the waters of Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. The lucky man, Steve Morris was able to capture his unusual meet-up with the magnificent creatures.

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The video has been winning hearts on social media after Steve shared it on social media. He described it as the ‘best day of his life.  The incident occurred while Steve had gone swimming along with 12 of his friends. But he was all by himself when the encounter with the two whales happened.

First, he spotted eight ocras and decided to take his camera out to capture the pod. But suddenly, one of them greeted him by swimming really close. After that, the killer whale was joined by one of its mates and the pair hovered along while looking at Morris.

Watch video here: (Video Courtesy: Youtube/MiniEntertainment)

In the video, Morris can be seen waving at the creatures before they returned to their pod.

Explaining the thrilling experience Steve stated, “The orca were extremely close, barely a metre away. I have never seen this face-to-face interaction before but I have dreamt about it. At first, when I saw the two break away from the rest of the pod it was a bit unnerving. But when I realised they had just come to say hello, I just enjoyed the experience.”

“It seemed a lot longer but probably only an additional 30 seconds on top of what was in the videos. I had no fear but certainly respected them as they are powerful wild animals after all. Luckily they are also extremely intelligent and don’t harm people other than those that keep them captive,” he further added.

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