WATCH: Lion wakes up lioness, instantly regrets it

Lions are known as the king of the jungle. A member of the Panthera genus, the lion or Panthera leo is the only big cat that shows sexual dimorphism. Sexual dimorphism essentially means that the male and female of the species look different and have specific features that are unique to the gender. Adult male lions have a prominent mane and are larger than females. However, lionesses are known to be very aggressive. As a matter of fact, in the pride of lions, it is the females that go out to hunt as a group. Females actively defend their territories against other females, while resident males protect the pride from rival coalitions.

Wild animals often bite their mates when they are in heat. Lions and lionesses are no different. They tend to convey their intention to mate through biting or playfully nipping. However, when a lioness is not in the mood, she can get quite upset about being disturbed. In a video that is going viral over the internet, it can be seen exactly how aggressive lionesses can be.

In the video, a huge lion can be seen approaching a lioness sleeping peacefully. The lion is moving very slowly and quietly, almost as if he is stalking a prey. When he reaches the lioness, he proceeds to nip her in the flank, causing the lioness to wake up completely startled. She then proceeds to slap the lion with her claws and roar angrily at him. The lion backs off and stands at a distance, while she goes back to where she was sleeping and sits down majestically.

The video is presumable taken in a sanctuary, as there is a dirt road with tire marks, that might be used for tourist vehicles. There is also a side view mirror visible in one of the frames of the video.

Watch the full video here:

Video credit: YouTube/ Latest sightings

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  1. Steve Collier says

    How not to approach a lady.

  2. Ian St. John says

    “I’m not in the mood”..

    But note that she never did land a paw on him, while he got in a good nip to start..

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