Want to earn Rs 3000-4000 daily easily? Follow this process

Nowadays almost everyone wants to earn quick and easy money. People are searching for all possible business options to get money. Therefore, today we are going to give you such a business idea by adopting this business idea, you can easily earn up to Rs 3,000-4000 in a day.

You do not need any training to start this business. You can start this business yourself. And by starting this business you can easily earn Rs 1,10,000 in a month. The business we are talking about is the business of corn flakes. You can earn lakhs of rupees every month by doing this business.

Corn flakes business means corn business. There will be no one in Indian who does not know about maize, because maize is used in every household, people use maize especially in the morning breakfast. Because maize contains a good amount of minerals which are considered very good for health. By doing business with maize, you can earn Rs 1,10,000 in a month i.e Rs 12 lakh annually.

To start a maize business, you must have a good hand, because if you have a good land then you will be able to plant it well. You should have a total space of 2000 to 3000 square feet. And in addition, you will also need a warehouse to store the corn. To start this business, you will need a machine to make corn flakes. Start the business in a place where there is more production of maize. Because if you import corn from outside and make corn flakes, then it will become very expensive.

Now, let’s talk in the last that how much profit you can earn by doing this business. According to the information, it costs 30 rupees to make one kg of corn flakes. The same maize is sold for Rs 70 a kg in the market. If you shell 100-150 kg corn flakes in a day, then you will easily get 3000-4000 rupees per day. And according to this, you can earn more than 1 lakh rupees per month.


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