Shocking! Tribal youth barred to attend his father’s funeral in Odisha’s Koraput due to Corona outbreak

Koraput: Corona not only taking out lives of people, but it also is taking out social life from them. Such an emotional episode has been reported from Koraput district of Odisha.

Jugulu Ria, a tribal youth from Sishuguda village of Koraput district had gone to Andhra Pradesh to earn livelihood for himself as well as his family. In the meanwhile Corona outbreak took place and lock down imposed in the country. As a result, Jugulu lost his job as a labour in Andhra Pradesh.

When he was sad about losing the job he had to experience another setback. He got the sad news of demise of his father.

Due to nationwide lock down, all modes of transport have been banned. Yet, the headstrong youth decided to walk down to his village in Koraput all the way from Andhra Pradesh.

Alas, when he managed to reach the village after walking down hundreds of kilometers, he was restricted to enter into the village. The villagers of his own village did not allow him into the village.

It is to be noted that like in many other villages of Odisha, Sishuguda villagers have also closed entry of people returning from other states into the village.

Now, the youth has been kept in the 14 day long quarantine arranged by the administration at a school at the end of the village. His house is just at 100 meters far from where he is staying, but he is not allowed to meet his family members even in this sad time of the family. He could not take part in the funeral rites of his father.

With tears in his eyes Jugulu is anxiously waiting for end of the quarantine period when he will be allowed to enter the village and meet his family members.

On the other hand, the villagers are also not the enemy of the youth. They can’t be fully blamed for what they are doing. They have not allowed the youth, and it is nothing else but only for social safety of the villagers.

The present time is of course a tough time for many. One may live in the village or in the urban area, but everybody are facing the music more or less thanks to Corona pandemic.

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