Secret ‘Khali Lagi’ ritual of deities to be held at Puri Srimandir today

Puri: As a part of the customary ‘Anasara’ stay of the ailing deities at Sri Jagannath temple ahead of the annual sojurn ‘Gundicha Yatra’ in the religious town Puri the ‘Khali Lagi’ ritual of the holy trinity will be held today.

‘Khali Lagi’ which happens to be a secret ritual of the deities at Srimandir, will be held at Bhoga Mandap No. 2 after closure of the Jay Bijay entrance of the temple. During the ritual a paste prepared from wheat flour will be applied on the bodies of Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Goddess Subhadra for their complete cure from the sickness caused by excessive bath of ‘Snana Yatra’.

The ‘Khali Lagi’ is held every year on the occasion of ‘Ekadashi’ and is followed by ‘Khadi Lagi’, a ritual in which the Divine idols get coated with quicklime paste (Khadi).

Daitapati servitors will dress the deities with ‘Rakta Bastra’ on this auspicious occasion later. The Daitapati servitors will present the ‘Raja Prasad’ offered to the holy trinity, to Puri Gajapati King Dibysingha Deb tomorrow to convey him about the recovery of the deities.

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