Sand Prices Likely To Soar Beyond Imagination In Odisha

Jagatsinghpur: The price of sand is likely to get very costlier in Odisha’s Jagatsinghpur district soon. This assumption has come following the recent high cost of auction of sand quarries in the district. In view of the auction, it seems that the price of sand will become ten times costlier in the coming days.

According to reports, there were a total of 19 sand ghats in the district but the number has increased to 30 with the formation of 11 new ghats. Out of the 30 sand ghats, 20 sand ghats have already went under the hammer and you will be surprised to know the price at which they were auctioned for.

Earlier, each cubic metre of sand was reportedly auctioned for Rs 200-400. However, it is now increased to Rs 3000-4000.

Alipingal is the largest sand ghat in the district. A total of 8000 cubic metres of sand used to be auctioned in this sand ghat. However, 22,000 cubic metres of sand has been auctioned this year.

As each cubic metre of sand used to be auctioned for Rs 200-400, Alipingal sand ghat used to be auctioned for Rs 17 lakh. But now it has been auctioned for a whopping price of Rs 7.5 crore as each cubic metre of sand has been reportedly auctioned for Rs 2986 which includes royalty of Rs 35.

Each truck contains around 16 cubic metres of sand. This was used to be sold at Rs 6000-7000. However, now it may cost more than Rs 60,000 due to the high-profile auction.

While the exact reason behind the high profile auction is yet to be known, it is suspected that permission to export sand through the seaway by companies of other States has taken the price of the sand so high.

Meanwhile, the locals demanded that the district administration and state government should take a serious note of the incident as it will heavily affect the common people of the district. They demanded that the price of the sand should be fixed at such a price that all can buy.

On the other hand, district collector Sangram Mohapatra said that he would look into the matter and take appropriate action in this regard.

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