Rath Yatra 2023: Here’s 7 unknown miraculous facts about Shree Jagannath Dham

Puri Srimandir has its own special impact on everyone's life. At the same time, their are many mysterious yet miraculous facts of Sri dham.

The world famous festival of Odisha, Rath yatra is here. On the day of Rath Yatra, the trinity, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra go to their aunts house, which is also known as Gundicha mandir or Mausi maa mandir. Lord Jagannath is worshipped all over the world. Puri Srimandir has its own special impact on everyone’s life. At the same time, their are many mysterious yet miraculous facts of Sri dham. Here are some:

1. The Mute Water 

Anyone who has ever visited Puri, they will know the how the sound of the Bay of Bengal’s wave is. It is really huge and it can be heard for kilometers. But the moment you will put your first step in the Singha Dwara, or the entrance of Sri mandir, the audibility to the waves is entirely lost. The waves can be heard behind the temple but not inside it’s premises. Yet there is no scientific explanation is given to this fact.

2. The No Fly Zone

The Puri Srimandir comes under no fly zone. One can understand if plans, helicopters or drones don’t fly above it. But what about the birds. It is quite miraculous to see that no bird fly above the temple.  We see birds sitting, resting and flying above our heads and rooftops all the time. But, this particular area is restricted, not even a single bird is encountered above the temple dome. No one can stop the nature, but here even the nature is also reversed. That’s why it is said in Puri that, nothing can be above the supreme power, so nothing will fly either.

3. Movable Shadows

The temple complex has a unique architectural feature where the main spire of the temple casts no shadow during the day, regardless of the sun’s position. The shadows of the main temple and its other structures, however, can be seen moving in opposite directions throughout the day, which is considered a marvel of architectural design.

4. Sri Jagannath has the heart of Sri Krishna, and it still beats

It is believed that Sri Jagannath has the heart of Sri Krishna. By the end of Dwapar yug, Sri Krishna was killed by a poacher. When Arjuna tried to cremate the body of Lord Krishna, every part of the body was burnt, except the heart. Later, Arjun immersed the heart at the Arabian sea. Later the heart reached Puri by floating through Bay of Bengal. This heart was later installed in the statue of Sri Jagannath. Even when the murtis of the trinity is changed in every 14-18 years, the heart is taken out of the murti and reinstalled in the new one. Whenever, this is done, the power of the total city is cut and whoever is changing the heart, his eyes are blindfolded and he have to wear gloves.

5. Unique Flag on the Nila Chakra

At the top of the temple’s main shikhara (spire) is the Nila Chakra, a circular metal wheel. What makes it unique is that it is made of a special alloy known as ‘ashta-dhatu,’ consisting of eight metals. The Nila Chakra is also adorned with the national flag of India, which is changed daily as part of the temple’s rituals. Even this flag flows in the opposite direction of the wind.

6. The Unique cooking technique

It is believed that from Char Dham, God come’s Puri Dham to eat food. So, here everyday Prasadam (also known as Abada bhoga or Anna bhoga) is made. The traditional way to cook the Parsadam  is preserved by the priests here. Exactly seven pots are used as vessels mounted over one another and are cooked using firewood. Enchantingly, the top most pot is cooked first, and the rest follows the same order. It is believed that Maa Laxmi cooks the prasadam here, that’s why the Parsadam prepared every day is never wasted, not even a bite.

7. No matter from which direction you see, the Sudarshan Chakra is facing you

There are two mysteries present at the pinnacle of the temple in the form of the Sudarshan Chakra. The first is one deal with the architectural technique related to the Chakra. From every direction you look, the Chakra looks back with the same appearance. It’s like it was designed to look just the same from every direction. The second is oddity revolves around the theory of how the hard metal weighing about a tonne, just got up there without any machinery just with a human force of that century.

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