Rare event in Odisha’s Nuapada: Hen gives birth to live chick without egg

Nuapada: Although it seems unbelievable, in a very rare event a hen gave birth to a live chick without the egg. The never before incident took place in the house of Ambika Majhi in Ichhapur village in Nuapada district of Odisha. Of course, the chick died merely after 10 minutes of its birth.

As per reports, the hen had laid 9 eggs. It had incubated the eggs for some time to hatch. However, after a while it went to another place. And then it gave birth to the live chick. However, it was observed that the same nine eggs were intact where it had incubated. People, who were observing the whole incident, were shocked that though the nine eggs were intact, how the hen gave birth to a live chick.

Being astonished the onlookers went to the veterinary Dr.Trilochan Dhal to get an expert view of this rare event. Dhal said that he heard such an incident in his whole life. However, he tried to provide a probable scientific reason to this rare event.

According to the veterinary doctor, hens lay eggs, which they then incubate outside of their body for 21 days after which normally the eggs hatch. However, in this case probably the chick’s egg got fertilized inside the hen, but then stayed inside the hen’s body until it hatched. The egg was incubated for 21 days inside the hen before it hatched.

It is to be noted that such rare events were last reported in 2018 from Kerala and in 2012 from Srilanka.

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