Puri: Sandhya darshan of holy trinity begins; Bahuda Yatra to be held tomorrow

The sandhya darshan of the holy trinity has begun at 7 am on Tuesday at the Gundicha Temple. Puri Bahuda Yatra will be held tomorrow.

Puri: The sandhya darshan of the trinity Lord Jagannath and his siblings Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra has begun at 7 am on Tuesday at the Gundicha Temple. The holy trinity’s retreat to their original abode in Puri (Bahuda Yatra) will be held on Wednesday.

The preparation for the Bahuda Yatra is on full swing. During Rath yatra and Hera Panchami, many rituals were delayed for some reason, which caused problems to the devotees. To put a check on the delaying of the rituals and perform all the rituals during Bahuda in a disciplined manner, few important decisions have been made in a meeting conducted under the chairmanship of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC).

At the same time, the Sandhya Darshan has been restricted only up to 5 pm. Following this, servitors will give the final touches to the preparations for various rituals for Bahuda Yatra.

Taking into account the heavy rush of thousands of devotees for the Sandhya Darshan, all possible preparations have been made. Devotees have already started the darshan of the deities after the completion of Mangala Alati. Elaborate security arrangements have been made for Sandhya Darshan at Adapa Mandap in Gundicha temple. Five more parking places have been added in Puri to avoid the heavy rush.

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