‘Pahili Bhoga’ for Puri’s Lord Jagannath on Dhanu Sankranti today

Starting from today Pahili Bhoga to be offered at Srimandira till Makara Sankranti

Puri: Today is Dhanu Sankranti. While this is also observed in Odisha as ‘Muan’ sankranti, today ‘Pahili Bhoga’ will be offered to Lord Jagannath and His siblings at the famous shrine of Lord Jagannath in Puri of Odisha.

It is to be noted that starting from today ‘Pahili Bhoga’ will be offered to the Lords here till Makara Sankranti that normally falls on January 14 every year.

As per reports, the administration of this famous Lord Jagannath temple has prepared special list of rituals on the occasion of Dhanu Sankranti when ‘Pahili Bhoga’ is offered to the Lord.

Reportedly, the temple administration has discussed with the servitors regarding smooth execution of the rituals.

The Pahili Bhoga includes Khechudi made with desi ghee, fruits and other food items. Hence, from today onwards the aroma of desi ghee will fill the temple premises of Srimandira.

Pahili Bhoga

As per legends, during this period (starting from Dhanu Sankranti to Makara Sankranti) Goddess Laxmi, the consort of Lord Jagannath use to visit Her father’s place. Hence, during this period mother Yashoda makes tasty cakes (pitha) for Lord Shree Krishna. Lord Jagannath is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu while Lord Shree Krishna is also His incarnation.

In Pahili Bhoga,23 special food offerings are made to the deities.
Some of them are as follows-:
Bada Jhili
Chudaa Bhajaa
Chudaa Puaa
Chadheinedaa Gujaa
Darasuaa Badi
Nadu Gajaa
Nali Mugei

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