Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik Launches Mo Sarkar Programme

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today launched ‘Mo Sarkar’ to improve the governance by collecting feedback on behaviour and professionalism of government officers.

The Chief Minister launched the programme today at the Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar and released the logo and preamble of the programme. Patnaik also later visited the Saheed Nagar police station.

Under the programme, the phone numbers of all the people visiting different government offices will be registered and an SMS will be sent to their numbers within 24 hours. If the SMS is not received or the number is not registered, the concerned person can make a miss call to 14545 to get the number registered. These numbers will be randomly collected and Chief Minister, departmental minister, police DG (in case of police stations), secretary and director (in case of hospitals) will random numbers to get feedback.

Officials said that government employees will be ranked on the basis of the feedback and employees with good rank will get the out-of-turn promotion while action will be taken against employees with bad rank. The identity of the persons giving negative feedback will be kept secret.

Patnaik today called 8 persons over the phone who had earlier visited different police stations and hospitals and sought their feedback. The 8 numbers were collected randomly from ‘Mo Sarkar’ portal.

The programme started today at all the police stations, 21 District Headquarters Hospitals (DHHs) and Medical Colleges in Cuttack, Berhampur and Sambalpur. Officials said that the programme will cover all the DHHs of the state by October 30 while the programme will cover all the departments of the Odisha government by March 2020.   

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  1. Sudam Das says

    I am extremely happy and thankful to our Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Pattanaik for launching “Mo Sarkar”.

  2. Gadadhar Nayak says

    I m Extremely happy and thankful 2 our Hon. Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Pattanaik for lunching ‘Mo Sarkar’ But bhadrak district ra rural police station under re gote Rtd.English Teacher and his wife and senior Citizen card holder tanka bada pua bahu tourcher karuchhanti dirgha 1 year heba and jiban ru mardebaku madya dhamak deuchhanti daily maridebaku. Educated loka hoi madhya SP, Police station, sub collector office, etc. 2 ki 5 bar dyarasta hoi madya tanku kichhi satisfied results miluni 19.02.2020 re bi mo sarkar re complain kale E jae bi kichhi action nahi. Ebe kuhantu prasasan aau kana karibaku padiba se educated Senior citizen nku…. Kana emiti sabu din se tanka pua bohu nku dari ghare luchi rahibe ki…??? Senior citizens nku odisha re aau ki surakya byabasta rahichhi…..,….?????


    We are happy our Hon. Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Pattanaik for lunching ‘Mo Sarkar’ this is only system made by the government of ODISHA, But we need quick action and bound time period to execute request and give justice by all specified department for specific complaint

    Here POLICE not taking quick action against FIR and delay in process, always poor helpless after so many initiatives taken by ODISHA Government

    I know from my childhood if POLICE do their duty properly without favoring any one with legal way and support of evidence no one can theft a CHHAPAL from TEMPLE or Capture anything forcefully using Muscle power or threatening any one POOR/RICH

    Still this is an big issues we face in our daily life

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