Odisha Cabinet approves financial support for SHG members for uniforms

Bhubaneswar: Mission Shakti, spearheaded by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, has evolved to empower women and redefine their societal roles, transforming SHGs into formidable forces driving economic growth and social change.

Under the 5T initiative of the state, Mission Shakti has become a vibrant women empowerment model in the country.

The State Government’s commitment to women’s empowerment via Mission Shakti has boosted their entry into sunrise sectors, fostering economic independence. Investments in SHG infrastructure and innovative convergence models among state departments have bolstered women’s entrepreneurial efforts.

Cabinet in its meeting held today has approved financial assistance towards provisioning of uniform for all 70 lakh SHG members across the state and more than 1.5 lakh Executive Committee (EC) members of Gram Panchayat Level Federations (GPLFs), Block Level Federations (BLFs) & District Level Federations (DLFs) and Management Committee (MC) members of Area Level Federations (ALFs) under ULBs with a budgetary allocation of Rs 730 crore during the FY 2023-24.

Financial assistance to all Mission Shakti SHG members: Rs 1,000 per SHG member will be provided to purchase uniform of choice as per their group decision.

Similarly, financial assistance of Rs 2000 per EC member of GPLFs, BLFs & DLFs / MC members of ALFs under Mission Shakti will be provided for purchase of Blazers of their choice.

This amount shall be deposited in the bank accounts of SHGs and Federations.

This historic decision aims to preserve and promote the unique identity of SHG members and federation heads under Mission Shakti, reinforcing their role as change-makers and leaders within their communities, while also fostering an environment of professionalism in budding SMEs.

The brainchild of the Chief Minister, Mission Shakti in Odisha has undergone a remarkable evolution, gradually ascending step by step to empower women and redefine their roles in society. From managing households to nurturing entrepreneurship, Mission Shakti has transformed more than 6 lakh Self-Help Groups (SHGs) into formidable forces driving economic growth and social change in the state.

Today, these empowered women stand tall as entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in their communities. By fostering a culture of selfreliance and resilience, Mission Shakti has not only elevated women to a global stage, representing Mission Shakti movement on global platforms but has also reshaped societal perceptions, inspiring generations to come.

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