Loot in Bhubaneswar yet again, this time from two marriage mandaps

Bhubaneswar: In a shocking incident, a loot in Bhubaneswar has been effected in the most unique way. Looters came as guests at a wedding, ate and looted away gifts from two marriage mandaps.

According to reports, the loot in Bhubaneswar has taken place from two marriage mandaps that is the mandap in a posh hotel in Bhubaneswar and another in Badagada area. Two complaints have been lodged in Maitree Vihar and Badagada police station.

According to reports, cash and jewellery worth more than Rs. 4 lakh has been looted from the marriage venue in Badagada area. However from the mandap in a posh hotel in Bhubaneswar god, cash, gifts and mobile worth lakhs has been looted.

The photos during the loot has been captured on the CCTV installed in the hotel. The investigation by the police of Maitree Vihar and Badagada is underway.

The police is recording the statement of the guests present at the venue and the CCTV footage of the venues. Detailed reports awaited in this matter.

There have been a number of loots in Bhubaneswar, yesterday the robbery has taken place in the house of a railway employee. Reports say that gold and cash has been looted from the house.

The loot in Bhubaneswar has been reported from Bhotapada area under the Mancheswar police jurisdiction limit said reliable reports in this regard on Wednesday. The looters took advantage of the fact that there was no one at home during that time.

Detailed reports mentioning that, taking advantage of the fact that no one was home, they broke the door lock and took gold jewelery worth more than 4 lakh rupees from the locker. The house owner immediately informed the police station. The Mancheswar police reached the spot and initiated an investigation based on the CCTV footage.

It is worth mentioning here that such loots in Bhubaneswar have been happening.  For the past few days, there have been frequent robberies in the Mancheswar area. Local people are living in constant fear.

On February 1, a loot had taken place in an apartment. Jewellery worth more than Rs. 50 lakh has been looted.

According to reports, the miscreants looted the gold when there was no one in the house and it was locked. The apartment that has been looted is called, Satyabadi Residency. The people in the area are in a state of terror after the loot.

The CCTV of the apartment has captured the looters roaming around the apartment. The Mancheswar police has reached the spot and is investigating into the matter. Further details awaited.

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