Liquor to become cheaper in Odisha from tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: Price of liquor to come down in Odisha. The special Covid fee, which was charged 50 percent of the Maximum Retail Price, to be reduced to 15 percent. Accordingly the consumers of IMFL, FMFL and beers will have to pay 35 percent less special COVID fee on purchase of liquor in the state. The change in price will be applicable from tomorrow.

It is to be noted that Odisha Government had imposed special covid fee on alcoholic beverages in the month of May, 2020 over and above tax rates of 2020-21, resulting in an increase of MRP by approximately 50% for most of the alcoholic beverages compared to 2019-20.

In view of the above sale around Rs.200 crores has been collected as ‘Special COVID Fee’ so far.

However, now considering the MRP of liquor prevailing in other states and specifically in the neighbouring States and also to ensure that no non-duty paid liquor from outside the State enters Odisha due to the price difference, Government has decided to revise the MRP of these alcoholic beverages sold in the State by rationalizing the rate of Special Covid fee charged.

For this purpose a revision in Special Covid fee is being done in such a manner that MRP of various FMFL/ IMFL/ Beer /Wine/ RTD brands is hiked in the range of around 15 % with effect from July 10, 2020.


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