Follow these tips for safe ATM card, PIN & secure transaction


In today’s era, cash transactions with ATM/Debit cards have become common. There are very few people who go to the bank to withdraw cash. Although people go to the bank for withdrawal of very large amount even today, the transaction from ATM is being considered better for small amount. It is easy and convenient to withdraw cash from ATM, but the news of fraud associated with it also comes from time to time.

In such a situation, it is very important to use debit or ATM card in a safe manner and to be careful while transacting from ATM. But this is not difficult, you can keep your ATM card and PIN safe by following some tips. State Bank of India (SBI) has given information about them.

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Take care of these safety tips

  1. Cover the keypad with your hand while using the ATM card on the ATM or POS machine.
  2. Never share your PIN or card details.
  3. Never write a PIN on your card.
  4. Do not answer such text messages, emails and calls in which card details or PINs are being asked.
  5. The number of your birthday, phone or account number should not be used as your PIN.
  6. Destroy the receipt of your transaction or keep it somewhere safe.
  7. Before starting your transaction, see if there are spy cameras around.
  8. Beware of keypad manipulation, heat mapping and shoulder surfing using an ATM or POS machine.
  9. Don’t forget to sign up for transaction alerts.
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