Dreaded Criminal Hurls Bomb At Police And Tries To Escape In Odisha’s Balasore

Balasore: Police has raided the house of dreaded criminal Eshwar Mahalik. The feared criminal belongs to Shyamaraipur village under Remuna police station in Balasore district.

It is noteworthy that, Eshwar was involved in numerous thefts, robbery and other kinds of crimes. police raided his house as he had brutally attacked a man in Naharpatna area of Balasore and looted his bullet.

As the police raided his home, the criminal hurled bombs, pelted stones and glass at the police. This is not a first of its kind incident for the criminal. Reports say he had earlier thrown hot oil on the police and escaped.  This time the police successfully managed to nab him.


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